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Speaker Biography

Sukhbinder Barn

Sukhbinder Barn is currently Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Middlesex University Business School, Programme Leader of the MA in Marketing Management and University Teaching Fellow.

He teaches and manages a number of modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, looking primarily at aspects of branding, event marketing and creative communication.

Sukhbinder has spent a number of years in industry where he worked for Coca-Cola & Schweppes Beverages Limited. During that time he was actively involved in the development and launching of new products and services within the newly established vending division.

He has led a number of practitioner based workshops and seminars in New York, India, Cairo and Malaysia. Additionally, he has been involved in consulting activity for a variety of government
organisations as well as developing branding and communication strategies for a number of sporting clubs in London.

Sukhbinder‟s current research focus is on experiential learning in the Marketing discipline which has come to immediate fruition as he and his students were awarded the prestigious use of the „Inspired by London 2012‟ brand mark in recognition of the innovative and creative work being done with children in London and Mumbai.

Sukhbinder has published in academic journals, and has presented papers at international marketing conferences.