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Speaker Biography

Niall Prendergast

Niall Prendergast, Niall currently studies Marketing with Advertising Management at Southampton Solent University. This dynamic degree provides him with practical and in-depth exposure to the skills and working practices of the modern advertising and marketing professional. He has been able to work on hands-on creative and project collateral, advertising design and account management, before organising and managing a complete advertising campaign for a live client.

Niall and his team have impressed their client so well that they are now working on marketing programmes for the client outside of the university providing him with essential experience. Niall previously worked as a department manager for a large technology retail chain. It was there where he discovered his passion for marketing through working with his managers and manufactures brand ambassadors on marketing and sales strategies, including one for “tough” underwater cameras that a manufacturer later rolled out across high profile stores.

Niall has industry experience in the following areas: retail, sales, services, technology, hardware and software. His research interests are marketing, consumer behaviour, retail environment, management and coaching techniques, technology industry, and active learning.

He is currently studying for his BA (hons) Marketing with Advertising Management