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Speaker Biography

Robin Watts

Robin was a police officer for over 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service. He served his last 10 years as a Child Abuse Investigator and trained police officers and social workers in the investigative process for 5 years.

Since retiring 6 years ago he still teaches and consults in this area. He teaches UK Social Workers in the investigative and assessment process, and also the Forensic Interviewing of children.

Robin trains extensively abroad, mainly in British international schools and organisations on safeguarding and child protection. Robin also provides consultation in relation to policies, procedures and practises.

He has studied the laws relating to child protection in each of the 40 or more countries that he has worked in, educating people working in those countries in relation to the native laws, procedures and processes (or, indeed, absence of them).

Robin identifies unique features of the culture, laws and issues faced by different countries across the world and how this impacts upon professions in their endeavours to ensure that children are safeguarded. This includes countries which have robust laws and procedures through to countries which have none.

Robin's main objective when travelling abroad is to help organisations to develop the highest quality safeguarding and child protection practises and procedures possible within the unique context of the country it is located in, its laws and its culture.

He his shares the experiences from other organisations abroad and the particular strategies they have developed, sometimes against the backdrop of a culture unaccepting that child abuse actually within their communities. Robin helps organisation to develop postive links with foreign authorities in order that they can work together effectively. He also trains people in the identification of safeguarding and child protection concerns and the appropriate action that should be taken.

Robin also ensures that professionals understand how child abuse impacts children across the social spectrum and discusses how class impacts upon how abuse is manifested. Robin is also able to state how an abuser is potentially able to escape detection within the circuit of international schools.


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