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Speaker Biography

Sarah Bromfield

Sarah Bromfield has worked with children and families for 21 years. As an Early Year’s Practitioner Sarah’s roles have included; Nursery Manager, NVQ Assessor and Family Support Manager. Currently Sarah is employed as a Children’s Centre Community Lead which provides targeted interventions for families with children under 5 years old.

Sarah also spent 3.5years working as a Childcare Director in Australia. In 2005, Sarah was inspired to travel to Thailand and volunteer as part of the Tsunami relief efforts, taking on a role as a Director of a support-a-child programme. This extremely challenging role, found Sarah searching Thailand for vulnerable children who had been displaced by the disaster, assessing risk and identifying support.

In her spare time, Sarah volunteers for DrugFAM, co-facilitating a family support group in Harley Street, carrying out administration tasks and doing presentations in prisons with the play ‘mum can you lend me twenty quid’. Additionally, Sarah volunteers as an M-PACT facilitator with Action on Addiction, and is a trained mentor with COAP.

Sarah graduated from Bucks University, with a first class honours in Early Years Practice Development and recently completed the National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership. Sarah is now back at Bucks and studying an MSc in Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding with a keen focus on substance misuse and families