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Speaker Biography

Cassandra Derham

 Cassandra Derham
Cassandra Derham has worked at Canon Europe Ltd for 5 years. Prior to that, she worked for over 8 years in private practice. She is responsible in particular for Canon Inc.’s European work in the field of medical imaging. She is interested in how emerging technologies (such as 3-D printing) will change the way that intellectual property is created and used.

Cassandra is involved in giving CIPA tutorials for the qualifying examinations and is involved in IP training not only for trainee patent attorneys at Canon Europe, but also for the wider business.

Cassandra has been on the CIPA Congress steering committee for around 10 years and is to blame for the initiation of its early morning Serpentine swim. When not espousing the benefits of IP or swimming in very cold waters, Cassandra is working towards her third dan black belt in karate.


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