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Speaker Biography

Alasdair Poore

 Alasdair  Poore
Alasdair Poore is a Chartered Patent Attorney and registered trade mark attorney, and a partner in the law firm Mills & Reeve LLP. He is a member of CIPA’s trade marks committee, having recently relinquished the role of Chairman.

In that role he was closely involved in the IP Translator case, and is involved in commenting on the reforms to Community trade mark legislation on behalf of the Institute. Alasdair is a former President of the Chartered Institute, and deputy chair of CIPA’s litigation committee. In addition to practising both corporate and commercial intellectual property law, and litigation and dispute resolution on intellectual property issues, he was a member of the working group which proposed the revised rules for the PCC/Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

He remains actively involved in promoting (and using) the Court as a forum for resolving disputes in a less costly manner than in the High Court, and also as a test bed for new procedures which have spread to other courts in England. Starting his literary career writing a blog on the PCC with an octopus as its principal character, Alasdair is now editing the CIPA journal.


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