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Speaker Biography

Stuart Chapman

 Stuart Chapman
Prior to joining Esprit in February 2005 Stuart was a Partner of 3i Ventures. He was also a founding partner of 3i US, based in Menlo Park, CA.

Stuart had 13 years of venture capital experience with 3i in Europe and the USA. While he was at 3i US he was responsible for 3is investments in Still Secure, CollegeNet and Appshop. Following his return from the US in October 2003 he was responsible for 3is investments in The Cloud, Telecity and Searchspace, the IPO of Pixology and the sale of Magic 4 to Openwave.

Stuart is a member of the British Venture Capital Association Council. Prior to 3i, Stuart was involved in software and systems implementations in the Banking sector. He is a graduate of Loughborough University.


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