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Speaker Biography

David Honig

 David Honig
David Honig co-founded the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) in 1986, and has been MMTC’s CEO until September 2014, when he took emeritus status and became General Counsel. MMTC has represented over 80 minority, civil rights and religious national organizations in selected proceedings before the FCC and other agencies, and it operates the nation's only full service, minority owned media and telecom brokerage.

Mr. Honig has practiced communications and civil rights law since 1983, specializing in electronic redlining and race discrimination cases. He has taught and written extensively about issues in the intersection between civil rights and international and domestic communications. The National Law Journal has named Mr. Honig one of the thirty most influential communications lawyers.

David Honig also serves pro bono as chief counsel for the Florida State Conference of the NAACP, where he supervises 21 volunteer participating attorneys.

He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Oberlin College, an M.S. in Systems Analysis from the University of Rochester, and a law degree cum laude from Georgetown University.