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Speaker Biography

Professor Carol Woodhams

Professor Carol Woodhams
Professor Carol Woodhams is a Senior Lecturer in HRM and Head of the Department of Organisation Studies. She joined the School in 2009. She was previously a Reader in Human Resource Management and Director of CIPD programmes at the University of Plymouth. Professor Woodhams has been a full time academic since 1992 when she joined Manchester Metropolitan University as a Research Assistant. She was awarded a PhD in Management from that institution in 1998. Prior to her Masters in HRM and an academic career, she was a manager within the hospitality sector working extensively in the UK, USA and Australia.

Professor Woodhams has held six grants during her academic career from bodies including the ESRC, Nuffield Foundation and the European Social Fund. She is best known for her work on equal opportunity and diversity particularly in connection with female employees in SMEs and disabled employees (see publication list). In 2011 she was awarded funding from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development worth £45,000 to support the education of the next generation of HR professionals.

She is a visiting Research Fellow at the Research Institute for Business Manchester. The Business School Manchester Metropolitan University. She was a Guest Editor for a Special Issue of the International Journal of Management Reviews: Equality and Diversity in Management edition that was published in April 2012.