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Speaker Biography

Michael Grove

Michael’s academic background is as a Physicist with a particular interest in the polarisation of the cosmic microwave background radiation. He has previously worked on issues surrounding the learning and teaching of mathematics within higher education, and his interests include supporting students at the transition to university where he remains a member of the successful mathcentre and mathtutor teams, the teaching of mechanics, supporting the professional development of new academic members of staff and part-time teachers, and developing graduate and employability skills to better prepare students for the workplace. He is a former member of the Higher Education Academy’s Strategic Advisory Forum, and current Chair of the Mathematics Working Group for the 14-19 Science Diploma.

Michael was directly involved in developing the proposal for the HEFCE-funded More Maths Grads initiative and its subsequent implementation, and was a member of the team that developed the proposal for the National HE STEM Programme in 2009. Michael was appointed Director of the National HE STEM Programme in November 2009, and is responsible for its overall strategic direction the interaction of the Programme at a national policy level.