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Speaker Biography

Professor Martin Binks

Martin is Dean of Nottingham University Business School, Professor of Entrepreneurial Development and Chairman of the Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Martin has an established research background in the area of SMEs and their relationship with banks. He provides advice and consultancy to HM Government ministries and the Bank of England and is a Associate Editor of ‘Technology Analysis and Strategic Management’. There is a growing research focus on entrepreneurship education, knowledge and technology transfer and also on regional economic development including the establishment of electronic on-line surveys, such as the UK Business Barometer (www.ukbb.ac), the UK Business Advisers Barometer (www.ukbab.ac) and the Integrative Learning Barometer (www.learningbarometer.com).

Martin Banks is Co-developer of ‘Ingenuity – A Guide for Clear Thinking’ and co-author of the book ‘Ingenuity’ published by the Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2013). He is also Co-developer of the forthcoming radical innovation web facility, ‘Ingenuity Online’.

He designs and delivers high level programmes including ‘Creative Problem Solving and Effective Decision Making’, ‘Pre-Concept Innovation Strategies’ and ‘Innovation from Theory to Practice.’ He has long and established experience working with organisations in the private and public sector of all sizes from groups of SMEs to the NHS.