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Margaret Ramage

 Margaret Ramage
Maggie is a Trade Mark Attorney on the UK register of Trade Mark Attorneys, and a European Trade Mark Attorney practising before OHIM (the European trade marks office based in Alicante, Spain). She is a fellow of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, and is a past President of that body. Maggie continues to take an active role on the governing council of the Institute and currently serves as Chair of the Events Committee and is a member of various committees including the General Purpose and Finance Committee.

Maggie studied trade mark law while working in patent administration, and in 1982 became head of European Trade Marks for the California-based Raychem Corporation.

She was seconded in 1987 to the Corporation's Head Office near San Francisco, where she took responsibility for world-wide trade mark affairs.

She later returned to England to marry, becoming assistant trade marks manager of the then Beecham Group (now part of GlaxoSmithKline) before moving to British Telecommunications as Trade Marks Manager. Maggie became a partner in Alexander Ramage Associates in 1991. Her clients include start up firms and multi-nationals and range from medical practitioners to financial institutions, bath and beauty care specialists and mobile telecom providers.

Maggie Ramage is also a member of the International Trade Mark Association (INTA), of the European Community Trade Mark Association (ECTA) and of MARQUES (which represents the interest of European Trade Mark owners). Maggie has chaired the International Conference of the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys on a number of occasions, and has lectured at the International Conferences of both INTA and MARQUES. She has also lectured on a number of occasions in the United States, and at meetings of professional bodies in China and Japan.

Her hobbies include walking her border collie dog, and spending time on her canal boat.


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