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Paula Donohoe

 Paula Donohoe
Paula currently works privately with people with learning disabilities and mental health problems after being made redundant from the charity she worked for 4 years ago. Paula accompanies her clients on activities they wish to persuit in the community such as bowling, cinema, gym and all other physical and leisure activities that we all do. Paula also supports people to live independently and helps with life skills such as food shopping, cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene etc.

Paula started off volunteering for a learning disability and mental health charity 12 years ago and after a period of time was employed by them. During the 8 years she worked with them Paula was promoted to a manager, running several projects supporting young people with learning disabilities. One of the projects was a peer mentoring programme and with the help of her team they recruited approximately 150 volunteers at any one time who were aged between 16 and 18 years old to support our young people with learning disabilities.

Paula has been working within this field for approximately 15 years, before then she was a travel agent working for a specialised travel agents in London. Paula helped customers to plan and book their round the world itineraries. Paula was a tour guide prior to this, taking people on 16 day coach trips round Great Britain and Southern Ireland.

Paula likes to keep busy and along with volunteering with her local YOT as a community panel member, she is also a trustee of a small charity supporting people who are or have been at risk of financial abuse. Paula’s hobbies include being a member of a local female choir, walking her dog, keeping fit and socialising with friends.


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Paula Donohoe

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