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Speaker Biography

Alex Bax

Alongside his work as Chief Executive of on the Pathway Alex is a visiting fellow at the Institute of Health and Human Development at the University of East London, member of a NICE group developing guidance on physical planning and health, and a member of the London Child Poverty Commission.

He also works as an independent consultant. For five years Alex was a senior advisor to Ken Livingstone and then Boris Johnson, initially the Mayor’s planning policy advisor and then the Mayor’s health and sustainable development advisor.

He left London’s City Hall in September 2009 after 18 years in strategic London Government. For the Mayor he led a wide range of projects and held many appointments, for example chairing London’s European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund Committees and the East London Green Grid, and leading the development of London’s first statutory health inequalities strategy and the first major ‘alterations’ to the London Plan. Alex became a member (through distinction) of the UK Faculty of Public Health in 2012.


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