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Speaker Biography

Professor Adrian Bonner

Addictive Behaviour: Molecules to Mankind (1996) reflects Adrian’s early research into the neurobiological aspects of alcohol.

In 1998 he was invited to review and develop The Salvation Army’s (SA) addiction services and is currently Specialist Services Adviser, providing health-related support for The SA. Social Exclusion and the Way Out (2006) provided the basis for research into The Seeds of Exclusion (2008), a major report into the mental health needs of people using the SA homeless services.

Until December 2012, he was a Reader in the Centre for Health Service Studies, University of Kent and was Director of the Addictive Behaviour Group.

Formerly he has been President of the British Chronobiological Society, Chairman of the Congress of the European Society for Biomedical Research into Alcohol, Director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies, and a member of the European Alcohol Health Forum. Adrian is an honorary professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences, University of Stirling.