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Speaker Biography

Dr Amat Taap Manshor

Dr. Amat was appointed CEO of FAA in 2012, bringing with him extensive experience in human capital development and strategic business planning. Prior to joining FAA, Dr. Amat spent three years at the Asian Institute of Finance in which he helped found the organisation and held the position of Chief Accreditation Officer.

With a 20 year proven track record of developing human resource initiatives, he has a strong passion for creating unique learning and accreditation innovations and solutions for the FSI. His efforts have raised the standards of talent with products and instruments designed to ensure the quality of outcome-based learning programmes.

In his leadership role at the FAA he has shown an exceptional ability to identify and develop talented people and teams and helped them realise their full potential.

Under his stewardship, FAA successfully engineered the world’s first comprehensive set of learning standards for the finance industry. The introduction of this body of knowledge marked an important milestone that finally gave the industry a foundation upon which to build learning initiatives that meet industry needs.

Dr Amat’s studies in town planning granted him an appreciation for seeing the big picture, how large concepts could be broken down into components and a keen eye for strategy and planning. Feeding his interest in talent development and working with people, Dr Amat began his career in the manufacturing industry working with HR departments. Working with large MNC’s such as Hitachi, Guthrie, Dunlopillo and Intel, Dr Amat was involved in planning and supporting the development of human capital for high-performing organisations. This is where he saw the importance of leadership, and the need for systems and plans to ensure a pipeline of strong and capable leaders to ensure an organisation’s future success.

Keen to extend his capabilities and knowledge in the field of human capital development, Dr Amat began his PhD with Multimedia University (Malaysia), during which time he also started lecturing. It was with this new knowledge that Dr Amat gained an in-depth understanding of the link between academia, human resources and industry, and the strong interdependence required for long-term human capital development. Dr Amat’s academic career saw him as Dean at the Business School, Management & Science University and Dean at the Faculty of Business & Law, Multimedia University.

Dr Amat is a certified trainer, having undergone the Certified Training Professional programme under the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), UK. He has also completed the Accredited Competency Professional and the Certified Human Resource Management programmes.


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