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Speaker Biography

Dr Chris Lusk

With a background spanning psychology, social work, disability and welfare work, in both private and public sectors, Chris is currently Director of Student Services at the University of St. Andrews. Her role represents Senior Management to student front-facing services and operationally manages the support, advising, discipline and wardenial teams while liaising with the student representation. At her institution she has devised the strategic programme describing: "Monitoring, Developing, Fixing, Collaborating, Controlling, Communicating, Supporting and Celebrating the Student Experience!" She has facilitated the establishment of a vast number of student projects over the years on both a local and international basis and now directs collaborative projects ranging far afield from the United States to Central Africa. Chris's personal research examines the tensions of the UK HE sector, particularly for Ancients, in a political wider access agenda. Her methodology focuses on the social construction of identity; using a qualitative, interpretive methodology throughout her work.