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Speaker Biography

David Worthington

David worked at Conran Associates and Stewart McColl, before establishing his own business, Worthington & Co, which he later sold to the Conran Design Group. He was Managing Director at Conran for ten years, before becoming Chairman of the Design Division of Media Square, where David’s leads Group’s seven design companies.

David has extensive experience in the retail, banking and leisure sectors for companies such as Diesel, Nationwide and First Choice. He is a consultant curator to the London Transport Museum, where he art directed the newly refurbished Design Gallery. He also advises IWM Duxford, Designersblock and the Parliamentary advisory group, Policy Connect.

A graphic designer and a passionate believer in the commercial and social benefits of the strategic use of design, he is a member of D&AD and a fellow of the CSD and RSA. He is on the board of the London Transport Museum and Chair of Creative & Cultural Skills


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