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Speaker Biography

Dr Sue Wang

Su is an accredited specialist occupational physician. Su was Group Head of Health for Royal Mail Group, 2002-2009, during the critical turnaround from a loss making organisation losing £1 million a day, to all three businesses of Royal Mail being profitable, hitting all targets for the first time in 20 years, in 2009.

Su innovated “the Virtual Company’ for line managers to manage sickness absence, which was incorporated into company practice. Su introduced low cost simple health interventions, working in partnership with Primary Care Trusts, and charities. The contribution of health in attendance and well being was evaluated independently by the London School of Economics as having saved Royal Mail £227 million over three years, reducing sickness absence by 25%, equivalent to 3,600 more employees at work each day, and a more engaged, and productive workforce.

Before Royal Mail, Su worked with British Airways, and London Transport.