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Speaker Biography

Tim Challans

Project Director, West Midlands Culture and Sport Improvement Network

Tim is a consultant with a long experience in the cultural and public sector. He was trained and practiced as a town planner for two inner London boroughs before moving to the Midlands in the mid 1980’s where he worked for the regional arts funding system and the Arts Council. In the early 1990’s he was the co-ordinator of the National Arts and Media Strategy. He went on to run the leisure and cultural services for Nottinghamshire County Council, which, at that time, was the largest county council cultural service in the country. Before he got his life back in late 2009, he ran the Leisure, Culture and Lifelong Learning service for Walsall Council, were he also took on regional and national roles. He works freelance as the Project Director for the West Midlands Culture and Sport Improvement Network and undertook the three year review for Cultural Improvement East Midlands.