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Speaker Biography

Tony Duggan

Tony Duggan is Head of Culture and Neighbourhoods, South Tyneside Council, managing a diverse range of services which have a major impact on the quality of people’s lives. We do not believe that Culture is the icing on the cake of our services – it’s a key ingredient that cuts through everything we do, creating opportunities to help people to be the best that they can be and harnessing the creativity, enthusiasm and energy of individuals and groups is a key driver for change. Opening Cultural Doors is an innovative project which illustrates how cultural activity can be used as a cost effective alternative to traditional approaches to adult care.

Tony has a BA Hons and B.Pl from the University of Manchester and MA in Urban Design from Oxford Brookes University. He holds a diploma in management studies from the University of Teesside and is a member of Royal Town Planning Institute and the Institute of Leisure and Amenities and Culture Leisure Officers’ Association. He previously worked for Middlesbrough Council as Development Manager, Neighbourhood Renewal and has extensive experience in managing and developing Parks, Open Spaces and Public Art.