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Speaker Biography

Jean Humphrys

Jean Humphrys is Deputy Director of Children’s Directorate in Ofsted. She has been with Ofsted since 1997. Jean has held several posts in Ofsted covering a wide range of work related to the development of inspection, inspection policy and guidance. Over her time in Ofsted Jean has helped to manage major changes in the way Ofsted inspects schools and early years provision. When New Ofsted was created she helped to bring together inspectors of early years, Cafcass and social care for children. Jean is continuing to oversee aspects of policy in the early years and has maintained her strong interest in the inspection and regulation of social care provision.

Prior to taking up her post as an HMI, Jean was a local authority adviser. She has extensive teaching experience and was headteacher of two schools. Jean has always been interested in finding ways to help children to succeed in life, particularly those who are disadvantaged and did extensive research into parental involvement in children’s education.