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Speaker Biography

Jonathan Bland

 Jonathan Bland
Expert on social enterprises, cooperatives and employee-led businesses with 30 years experience working in this field. In 2010 he established Social Business International, a consultancy based in London and Finland. He is currently advising on new models of public service delivery through the creation of employee and community led social enterprises.

As a leader in the UK’s emerging social enterprise movement, he brought together a diverse range of people and organisations under the umbrella of social enterprise. He was the founding Executive Director of Social Enterprise London (1998-2003) and then Chief Executive of the Social Enterprise Coalition (2003-2009). For over a decade Jonathan worked to create a highly innovative policy framework for social enterprise and shaped the development of some major programmes in the field of public services, enterprise and employment. He also campaigned successfully to win widespread cross-party political support for social enterprise, and the new UK Coalition Government has now put social enterprise at the centre of its plans for public service reform.

Before this Jonathan lived in Spain for five years, where he helped to design and deliver a range of management training programmes for leaders in the 1200 employee owned co-operatives in Valencia. Previously he worked with co-operatives in London and in Wales.

Jonathan has a MSc (Econ), is a fluent Spanish speaker and is learning Finnish.