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Speaker Biography

Sara Crookdake

Sara Crookdake, Service Broker, The National Autistic Society
Sara Crookdake graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc. Hons in Psychology in 1992. She has worked for the National Autistic Society supporting adults with autism for 16 years. During this period she has developed an extensive range of experience in a variety of roles. From 1996 to 2002 as a Registered Manger she assisted in the development of personalised services for a wide range of individuals with autism. In 2000 she gained a Masters in Social Work giving her a broader insight into supporting people. In 2005 she trained as a Person Planning Facilitator. In addition to carrying out her role she has been involved in the delivery of training in this field.

Currently Sara is on secondment for a two year period working as a Support Broker. Her role is devoted to supporting adults with autism living in the Bury area to obtain an individual budget and help them to control and manage their own support.