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Speaker Biography

Professor Margaret Holloway

Margaret Holloway is Professor of Social Work at the University of Hull, having previously worked at the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester. She has specialised in practice, teaching and research in the field of death, dying and bereavement and the health and social care interface since 1983. Over the years she has lectured on various topics associated with the understanding of death, dying and bereavement to audiences ranging from sociology undergraduates and social work students to pastoral carers, doctors and palliative care nurses. From 1989 – 1992, she also acted as consultant to an Anglican Diocesan bereavement counselling scheme as well as setting up and supervising a local bereavement support service.

In recent years Professor Holloway has concentrated her interests on care of older people, particularly at the end of life, and transcultural aspects. She took up the post of Social Care Lead with the National End of Life Care Programme in October 2009, to which she is seconded two days a week from her post at the University of Hull.