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Speaker Biography

Andrew Donald

Andrew Donald is part time Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer for Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust. He has worked in a variety of roles both inside and outside the NHS over the last 32 years. Andrew is responsible for leading the Commissioning and Redesign of services for a population of 440,000 people.

Andrew is responsible for the development of Practice Based Commissioning, Partnership Commissioning and the development of commissioning of services for people with Long Term Conditions. Andrew led the introduction of the first telephone based care service in the UK Birmingham OwnHealth which supports people over the telephone to manage their Long-Term Condition and increase the individuals’ ability to Self-Care. He has advised a number of other countries in Europe, Canada and New Zealand on the introduction of the OwnHealth approach.

Andrew’s passion is to develop new ideas and new approaches to healthcare delivery which creates a paradigm shift in healthcare from a focus on treatment to a focus on prevention.