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Speaker Biography

Gail Cartmail

 Gail Cartmail
Gail Cartmail is Unite the Union’s Assistant General Secretary for Public Services, she was first appointed by the Health Visitor’s Association as a full time union official in 1990.

Since that initial appointment, Gail’s numerous roles within the union have included Head of Health, National Officer Equality and Diversity and Regional Officer.

Gail represents Unite on the TUC General Council and Executive Committee, the Public Services Forum, is a member of the TUC’s Union Learn Board and TUC spokeswoman for International Development. Gail served as a member of the Commission on Vulnerable Employment and is a member of the Central Arbitration Committee and a Board member of the Sector Skills Council ‘Go Skills’.

Gail also worked for local government specialising in economic development. Equality, justice and fairness are values that Gail strives to embed in all her roles.