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Speaker Biography

Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton
Child Health Clinical Lead, Community and Mental Health, BT London and South LSP Programme
Amanda gained her professional experience as Health Visitor in various posts across South London, working in areas of high deprivation and extreme economic diversity and mobility.
In 2000, motivated by the need to effectively share and access to information to enable effective practice and deliver improved care (and knowing nothing at all about computers) she took a secondment as the Lead HV for a National Programme for IT (NPfIT) pilot project. She was subsequently appointed as a Clinical Specialist for Health Information, with a seat on the PCT Executive, raising the profile of Health Informatics with both the PCT and the Local Authority. She also represented the CPHVA as Vice Chair of the Nursing Professions Information Group and chaired the CPHVA Health Informatics Advisory Group.
Since 2004, Amanda has worked as a member of the BT Clinical Team and with the London Programme for IT (now NHS London) and NHS users to design, develop and deploy the child health and community care clinical system for London and the South.