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Speaker Biography

David Warren QPM

David works as a consultant for the Government Office South West. Since 2004, he has been responsible for developing and overseeing Interpersonal Violence service delivery across the region. With the development of services, he has introduced a network of engagement between victims and survivors, with policy makers and commissioners.
He chairs national pilots on: a) increasing the number of victims of sexual violence accessing specialist support services and b) a coordinated approach to tackling sexual violence.

He has previously served as a police officer and was a member of two ACPO Committees (Drugs and Equalities). He has published a book on Equalities “Faces of Britain” and several articles relating to controlled Drugs.

He has worked for the European Union, providing advice and training on equalities legislation and policy, in countries seeking membership.

He has been the Chair and is a director of a registered charity, which supports recovering drug and alcohol users.