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Speaker Biography

Sgt Sallie Churchill

Sallie joined West Midlands Police in 1998 and started her service in Birmingham responding to 999 calls. In 2002, she moved to Wolverhampton on promotion, again working on response.

From 2005 she headed up the planning department in Wolverhampton where she was responsible for large-scale City-wide events, and also for the organisation of the policing of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club matches. Sallie moved to the Public Protection Unit in 2008, where she headed up the Domestic Violence Team. In 2009 she took ownership of a neighbourhood policing team in Wolverhampton, before leaving early in 2010 to take up her current role.

Throughout Sallie’s service she has dealt with victims & witnesses in different contexts and has seen how they sometimes have a lack of faith in the criminal justice system. It is for this reason that she is very pleased to be the Lead Officer for the ACPO portfolio of Victims & Witnesses.