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Speaker Biography

Martin Yarnit

Martin has been a Neighbourhood Renewal Advisor and is now a Local Improvement Advisor. He is one of a national team appointed by DWP and CLG to provide specialist support on the Future Jobs Fund. Together with Liz Cousins, he leads Martin Yarnit Associates, a consultancy specialising in the links between learning, skills, employment and regeneration. It has led directly to the setting up of

• the £17.5m. JobMAETs programme in the East Midlands led by JCP and LSC;
• a 75-place public sector apprenticeship scheme in North Derbyshire
• the national £3m. BIS-funded support package for learning champions, a key mechanism for community engagement, project managed by MYA;
• Education Action Zones; and
• Whole Education, a national alliance led by the RSA to promote better education provision for young people (http://www.thersa.org/projects/education/rsa-education-news/education-news/excellent-response-to-the-education-charter-so-far)