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Online and Blended Learning Futures Creating distinctive courses and sustainable models #OBL2015
13 Mar 2015

Blended and online learning developments are absorbing the lessons from the early MOOCs experience. Experience from publishing and media suggests that distinctive or unique course content to be used in a range of settings and platforms move up in the search for sustainable education business models. This programme will update, identify and share where universities and colleges and private providers are identifying academic value and justifying investment. The search to create sustainable value and deliver academic quality through adapting online platforms, including MOOCs, is accelerating with lessons from publishing highlighting the importance of distinctiveness in courses (segmentation, unique or specialist content) and the ability to connect that content to high value student, specialist, professional and executive audiences.

What's on now:
Neil Stewart, Editor in Chief, Policy Review Projects; Founder, Policy Review TV
Chair's Introduction

Professor Diana Laurillard, Professor of Learning with Digital Technologies, Institute of Education
The university in the cloud

Rajay Naik, Director of Government and External Affairs, The Open University
Emerging trends and applications of new technology

Simon Nelson, Chief Executive, Future Learn
Impact and added value/learning gain from Open online courses

Questions and discussion
Lessons and applications of online technology
Helen O’Sullivan, Academic Lead for Online Learning, Liverpool University;
Dr Craig Marsh, Chief Academic Officer for UK Institutions, Laureate Online Education

Dr David Boughey, Director of Student Engagement, University of Exeter
Student experience

Questions and discussion
Dr Benjamin Brabon, Academic Courses Manager, Nottingham Trent University
Creating Distinct Content and Courses

James Fry, Senior Office Partner, Eversheds LLP
Protecting intellectual property and unique content

Tony Sheehan, Associate Dean for Digital Learning, London Business School
Executive education

Questions and discussion

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