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Labour Party Annual Conference - Wednesday
24 Sep 2008
Held at Manchester Central from 20-24 September
Wednesday 24 September In an exclusive interview with policyreview.tv Schools’ Minister Jim Knight MP talked about the Prime Minister’s announcement to provide vouchers worth £700 to enable poorer families to have access to the internet. Studies have shown that having a computer at home can help to raise pupils’ examination results. “It’s wrong for the digital divide to disadvantage those children whose parents can’t afford…broadband connection”, said Knight. Listen to Minister for Lifelong Learning Bill Rammell MP respond to the Conservatives' view that 14-19 Diplomas will dilute A levels and be confusing to employers. "For far too long in this country we've had youngsters at the age of 14 with real talent, potential and ability but they've been switched off by having an exculsively academic route to educational success." Rammell pointed out that the Diplomas have been developed with input from business and that universities were recognising their worth for entry to vocational degrees. "These are quality qualifications", he said. Labour's annual conference is the main event in the party's political calendar and a crucial point in its policy making process. policyreview.tv is providing online coverage from each day of the conference, recording interviews, fringe meetings and gauging the reaction of delegates and pundits.
Bill Rammell MP
Interview - 14-19 Diplomas

Jim Knight MP
Interview - computer provision to poorer children

Growing up in Britain today
ippr fringe event

Growing up in Britain today
Question and answer


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