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Future Services Network Preparing for Change
25 Jun 2007
Consumer and Citizen Driven Services

The next wave of public sector reform will have consumer driven services at its centre. Presumptions of consumer driven services lie behind the choices that will be made in CSR07.

To promote diversity, public, private and voluntary organisations must combine in joint ventures to provide alternative ways of delivering public services and through different models. It will be a period of huge change, significant opportunities and some risks. Following on from the highly successful 2006 summit, this year’s event debates how consumer and citizen driven engagement can transform public services.

Delegates explore what future service markets will look like, the role of users and communities in prescribing public service priorities, as well as set out the pace of change.

Key themes discussed included mechanisms for managing consumer driven services by public authorities; how new providers will emerge across different services; the risks to existing services of not adapting and how in practice the consumer/citizen will be empowered to make tough service decisions.

John Hutton MP
Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions keynote address

John Hutton
interview with Secretary of State, Department for Work and Pensions

John Hutton MP
Question and answer session

Ed Miliband MP
Minister for the third sector - keynote address

Ed Miliband MP
Question and answer session

Richard Lambert
Director-General, CBI

Ed Mayo
Chief Executive, National Consumer Council

Panel: Balancing consumer and citizen interest
chaired by broadcaster Nicky Campbell

Anne Williams
Social care - Next steps in local public services

Ben Page
gives his thoughts on public service customer expectations

Stephen Jacobs OBE
Health - Next steps in local public services

John O'Brien
Local governement services - Next steps in local public services

Stephen Bubb
Chief Executive of ACEVO

Conference reaction

Nicky Campbell

Interview with
CBI Director of Public Services Neil Bentley at Future Services Network Preparing for Change summit


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