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Local Strategic Partnerships
11 Jun 2009
Keynote address: Bob Neill MP, Shadow Minister for Local Government

This seminal conference addressed critical issues such as how LSPs can have their say at the regional level, LAA delivery across two tiers, place shaping, performance management and private/transport sector involvement. The event provided local authorities and their partners with valuable policy insights.

Deborah Haydock
Executive Director of Policy, Lancashire County Council

Gareth Davies
Managing Director, Local Government, Audit Commission

Justin Vetta
Head of LSP, Assessment and Inspection Team, Communities and Local Government

Questions and discussion
Session 1

David Bull
Assistant Director – Development Strategy, Birmingham City Council

Joe Simpson
Director of Politics, Leadership Centre for Local Government

Martin Reeves
Chief Executive, Coventry City Council (formerly Chief Executive, Bedfordshire County Council)

Malcolm Morley
Chief Executive, Harlow District Council

Mike More
Chief Executive, Westminster City Council and Capital Ambition (London RIEP) lead on worklessness and social housing

Questions and discussion
Session 2

Bob Neill
Shadow Minister for Local Government

Irene Lucas CBE
Chief Executive, South Tyneside MBC

Panel debate
Session 3

CAM Management Solutions seminar


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