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Towards Ambition 2020: Skills, Jobs, Growth
05 Nov 2009
central London

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has published its proposals regarding the future development of modern skills and employment systems in the UK. These include ideas which address the need for further simplification in systems which are currently perceived to be too complex. The event was hosted by Sir Michael Rake, Chairman of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and Chairman of BT Group plc. Chris Humphries, Chief Executive of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, says: "We believe that this document will make a substantial contribution to the development of skills and employment strategies and that, especially as the future is likely to put public expenditure under considerable pressure, it is likely to have a significant and long-lasting effect on the skills and employment landscape."

Sir Mike Rake welcome and introduction
What's on now:
Chris Humphries, Chief Executive UK Commission for Employment and Skills
Attendee reaction

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