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Shared Services in higher education
This policy briefing contains carefully selected video presentations, a detailed research index and supporting documents, including case studies. The briefing is an ideal training tool for senior managers covering the key areas of policy development, future strategy and best practice. This online service enables you and your team to access the material at any time or place.

Headline Speakers


This policy briefing contains presentations from experts who explain their experiences of shared services.

For institutions faced with funding cuts this briefing outlines how effiency savings can create major opportunities for new business development.

The pack, which highlights the opportunities and pitfalls of using shared services, includes feasibility studies and real life case studies, and is the ideal training tool for institutions who have administrative services in-house, from finance to IT, human resources and legal services

Learning outcomes

This briefing explores the opportunities for the strategic development and capitilsation of new provision models for greater integration and streamlining of administrative and support services. Users will: 

  • Examine the results of the outsourcing and shared services study commission by Grant Thornton
  • Hear the response to Sir William Wakeham's report on financial sustainability and efficience
  • Assess examples of shared services from UCAS, JISC and RCUK and local government projects
  • Follow a step-by-step explanation of how to deliver successful shared services through engagement and commitment of staff
  • Gain tips on starting, researching, financing and benchmarking shared services projects

Presentation 1: Professor Malcolm Gillies, Chair, London Higher and Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan University London sharing!
Results of a study commissioned by Grant Thornton on outsourcing and sharing services. Using the London Purchasing Consortium as an example, the challenges of VAT, the implementation of EU VAT exemption, and the fear of losing competitiveness, are explained.

Presentation 2: Professor Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Aberdeen A new age for the Higher Education sector
Response to the publication of Sir William Wakeham’s report on financial sustainability and efficiency in the full economic costing of research in UK higher education institutions. Examples of shared services from UCAS, JISC and RCUK.

Presentation 3: Tim Marshall, Chief Executive, Janet (UK) The future of shared services: pitfalls, barriers to entry
An illustration that successful shared services mean clear leadership, strong governance, a true customer focus, a compelling proposition and value for money. Tips on benchmarking, finding a starting point to research shared services projects, work on a cash flow/business process basis and understanding real costs.

Presentation 4: Nigel Paul, Director of Corporate Services, University of Edinburgh Best practice examples of collaborative working and shared services
Shared services and mergers often fail when they don’t achieve the savings expected. This presentation highlights that shared services is not an end in itself, it is a means to help deliver business in a better way.

What's on now:
Presentation 5: Wim van Wuuren, Manager, Postgraduate Certificate Shared Services What skills and knowledge are required to be successful at shared service projects?
An overview of what skills and knowledge are required to run shared services projects smoothly. Examples from UK local government projects are included.

Presentation 6: Sean O'Shea, UPP Delivering value through shared services
An overview on sharing services in facility management and building estates from the University Partnerships Programme.

Research Index Contents: Official supporting statements and documents, Professional Associations, Service Providers, Regulators, Useful Links

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