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The Development of the Moral Compass
09 May 2011

When do young people know right from wrong and understand consequences?

Results of a UK study among children aged 7 to 16.

This was the launch broadcast for a study prepared by the influential Youth Research Forum for The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development.

This study of 750 7-16 years olds gives an insight into the age that young people are aware of right and wrong and have developed an understanding of the social, and potentially criminal, implications of their actions.

The free live broadcast seminar was designed to help policy makers gain a deeper understanding of the key factors that drive children’s moral development.

http://www.policyreview.tv/video/313/1To view a summary pdf of the report please click the 'documents' button within the programme details. To request a copy of the full report please email [email protected]

The Youth Research Forum - External link

 The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development (DIIFSD) - External link 




Neil Stewart, Chief Executive, Policy Review TV
Introduction by Broadcast Chair

Dr Richard G. Wilkins, Executive Director, Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development

Nada Frangieh, Director, Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development

Glen Smith, Chief Executive, Youth Research Forum
Main Findings from ‘The Development of the Moral Compass’ report

What's on now:
Panel response: Society, Law, Faith and Behaviour
Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green, former Children's Commissioner for England;
Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Society;
Hugh M Purcell OBE DL Col (Retd), Chairman, Youth Organisations Uniform London (YOU);

Panel response: Education and Law
Sir Alan Steer, former Head Teacher and Leading Behavioural Education Expert;
David Moore CBE, former HMI and Divisional Manager, Ofsted;
Jennifer Izekor, former Director of Children and Learners, Government Office for London.

Sarah J. Wadham, Chair, Youth Research Forum
Broadcast Summary


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