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Changes in the UK Political and Governance Structures Briefing
12 Jul 2011
A high level briefing for international diplomatic staff
Recorded in Westminster, London the briefing gives an essential insight into workings of the UK parliamentary system. 
The sessions give Embassies, High Commissions and diplomatic staff  invaluable information on how to engage with the UK political systems including the devolved Scottish and Welsh Governments.

Key themes include:

  • What next as power creeps further away from Westminster and Whitehall?
  • The first UK Coalition Goverment in 80 years: how it works and how this affects policy and legislation
  • How the House of Commons has become more powerful following the expenses scandal and the influx of the largest number of new MPs for 65 years.
  • New procedures, more accountability, more transparency?
  • How fixed-term Parliaments will affect legislation and governance.
  • The proposed reforms of the House of Lords, what that means and prospects of it happening.
  • Devolution to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and how the differing political leaderships are working and the inter-relationships.

In partnership with:

Rt Hon Alun Michael JP, MP, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and former Cabinet Minister
Commonwealth Nations working together and learning from each other

State Building: what does the Commonwealth do to improve governance?
Dr Joan Nwasike, Assistant Head of Section Regional Programmes and Adviser Caribbean Governance and Institutional Development Division, Commonwealth Secretariat; Dunstan Maina, Regional Adviser for East Africa in the Governance and Institutional Development Division (GIDD), Commonwealth Secretariat.

Darryl Howe, Managing Director, Academy for Parliamentary & Policy Studies
How the UK Coalition Government works

Natasha Engel MP, Chair of the House of Commons, Back Bench Business Committee
Changes in the House of Commons - Post 2010 General Election

What's on now:
Rt Hon Lord Grocott, Leaders' Group on Working Practices
Changes in House of Lords

Lord Norton, HoL Constitution Committee
Other recent and proposed constitutional reforms

Huw Edwards, Associate Director of the Academy for Parliamentary & Policy Studies
Devolved Administrations in the UK: An overview

Angus MacNeil MP, SNP’s Westminster Spokesperson for Transport, for Tourism, for Fishing, Food and Rural Affairs and for Scotland Office matters
Developments in Scotland, governing with the first Majority Govt and towards a referendum on independence

Paul Skidmore, Director of Strategy, the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative (AGI)
Developing & Supporting Political Leadership


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