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Adolescence to Adulthood with Autism
22 Sep 2011
Making the transition from education to employment. 3rd National Conference. To be held at The King's Fund, 11-13 Cavendish Square, London W1.

Headline Speakers

The coalition Government is committed to support young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions into work and away from benefit dependence. To make this a reality, it is vital that service providers, local authorities, the education system and the private sector all work together to learn what works and how to ensure successful out comes.

This national event will highlight the policy and strategy as set out in the "Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives: Evaluating Progress" and look at the latest research findings on how to best support people with ASC trough the education system and into work.

Attend this conference and hear from senior representatives across these sectors sharing good practice models in delivering services to ensure successful transitions for young people through education and into employment.

Geoffrey Maddrell, Chairman, Research Autism
Welcome and opening comments by conference Chair

Dr Jason Crabtree, Clinical Psychologist, Islington Learning Disability Partnership
Ensuring psychological wellbeing through transition

What's on now:
Alison O'Brien, Director, K & A Associates
Transition: improving the experience of young people and their families

Carol Povey, Director, Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society
Working together: creating opportunities in adulthood for people with autism

Carol Povey Video Clip
Questions and discussion: Session 1
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Freddie Adu, Deputy Head, Secondary Outreach, Queensmill School
Provisions for effective ASD bases in mainstream settings: post-19 planning

Joanna Hastwell, Asperger Syndrome Project Officer, Disability Resource Centre, University of Cambridge
Listening to students with Asperger syndrome and best practice in higher education

Ensuring seamless transition: an innovative partnership
Belinda Blank, Transition Liaison Officer, TreeHouse School; Lisa Hopkins, Director of Specialist Development, Dimensions.

Simon Veasey, Service Delivery Manager, Warwickshire Adult Health & Community Services
Evaluating good practice: services to improve transitions

Questions and discussion; Session 2
Buffet lunch, networking and exhibition
Deepa Korea, Chief Executive, Research Autism
Supporting employers to deliver best practice in employing people with Autism

Nicola Herbertson, Founder and Chief Executive, Hao2.eu
Show casing successful partnerships: easing the transition into work

The employee perspective
Melissa Brennan, Technology Strategy Board, NAS Project Team Leader, Hao2.eu; George Nangle, Technology Strategy Board, Remploy Project Team Leader, Hao2.eu.

Questions and discussion: Session 3
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Seminar A: Successful transition in practice: show casing multi-disciplinary work
Carol Reffin, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, and Cheryl Smith, Specialist Practitioner in Autism, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Seminar B: Making personal budgets work for young adults in transition
Christopher Mitchell, Team Manager, and Maria Aylott, Care Manager, Nottinghamshire Adults with Asperger’s Team, Nottingham County Council

Seminar C: Best practice: supporting people with Autism in Higher Education and into employment
Eleanor Sharpe, Student and Graduate Coordinator and Daniel Aherne, Employment Consultant, The National Autistic Society


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