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Effective Marketing in Higher Education
18 Oct 2011
National Conference. To be held at Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1.

Headline Speakers

“In future, graduates will pay more towards the cost of their degrees, but – in return – the Government's proposals will improve their experience as students, expand their choices and make universities more accountable to students than ever before.”

Higher Education White Paper - Students at the Heart of the System, June 2011

The changes set out in the Higher Education White Paper and across the board higher tuition fees present higher education marketers with challenges on many fronts.

The new generation of potential students (and their parents and influencers) are demanding, technologically savvy, used to instant gratification and want good quality results fast.

Meanwhile, both collectively and individually, institutions are challenged to show their economic and social contribution – to not only be proud, but to make the most of communicating it.

Join senior leaders and experts in student and recruitment marketing for an insightful conference to help you focus your strategy and stand out in a competitive international education market.

Mike Baker, Journalist and Broadcaster
Welcome and introduction by the conference Chair

Rosemary Stamp, Director, Stamp Consulting Ltd
The new brand challenge: how market change drives brand development

Professor Janice Kay Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), University of Exeter; Chair, 1994 Group Student Experience Policy Group
Better information for prospective students

Rob Behrens, Independent Adjudicator and Chief Executive, Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
Why do students complain?

Questions and discussion: Session 1
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Wes Streeting Deputy Chair, The Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information
Separating the facts from the politics: communicating the new student finance arrangements

What's on now:
Peter Allen, Marketing Director, University of Derby
Expanding the reach of the marketing role to wider university operations

Garry Smith, Commercial Director, Nottingham Trent University
How to organise your marketing and recruitment functions

Questions and discussion: Session 2
Buffet lunch, networking and exhibition
Alistair Jarvis, Director of Communications and Marketing, University of Birmingham
Promoting research impact

Gretchen C Dobson and Rachel Sandison Marketing through Alumni: a life-long marketing channel
Gretchen C Dobson is Senior Associate Director, Domestic and International Programs, Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA Rachel Sandison, Head of Marketing, Alumni and Student Recruitment, University of Aberdeen

Questions and discussion: Session 3
Refreshments, networking and exhibition
Seminar 1: Compliant Student Recruitment in an Adverse Climate
Dr Lawrence Watson, Chief Inspector and Qualifications Adviser, Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)

Seminar 2: Engaging alumni in marketing and brand management
Gretchen C Dobson, Senior Associate Director, Domestic and International Programs, Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA

Seminar 3: Ten ways to really improve your open days
Kyla Steenhart, Associate Director, Higher Education, OpinionPanel Research Mia Lorenz, Associate Director, OpinionPanel Research


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