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European Life Settlement Association Summit
22 Sep 2011
Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London

The ELSA Summit will give key stakeholders in the Life Settlement market, including investors, pension funds, hedge funds, legal and financial advisers an opportunity to learn first-hand from participants in the market the value of this asset class. Speakers include Professor Dr. Markus C. Kerber from the Technical University of Berlin, Professor David Blake from the Cass Business School and Sam Rosenfeld of Carolus Capital Advisors.

International players in the market will discuss the fast changing global scene of investments. The Dodd Frank Act USA, Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive EU, and FSA’s Discussion Paper 11/1 UK, influence and affect European investors. Other sessions will examine such crucial issues as longevity analysis, transparency and questions of image and reputation. The ELSA Code of Practice and the need to protect investors will be at the core of discussions.

Anna M Bailey, Chair, European Life Settlement Association (ELSA)
Opening address

Michael Fasano, President, Fasano Associates
Introduction to the summit

Stuart Hersch, President and CEO, Cantor Insurance Group
Insight on the future of the industry from Wall Street’s global perspective

Why Life Settlements make investment sense - for the European investors even with the current status of the economy
Prof Markus C. Kerber, Technology University of Berlin Sam Rosenfeld, Carolus Capital Advisors

Coventry - Francisco Portillejo, Managing Director, Capital Markets
Life Settlements and the Appeal of an Uncorrelated Asset Class in all Market Conditions

Coffee/networking break
Prof. David Blake, Director, Pensions Institute at the Cass Business School
Where do Life Settlements fit in the larger Longevity Market?

Panel: Session 3 Enhancing Returns by Managing Risks: Liquidity vs. Longevity
Michael Fasano, Fasano Associates (moderator) Mark Venn, ClearLife Jochen Russ, Institute for Finance and Actuarial Studies Bjorn Schmolck, Traymar Capital

Panel: Session 4 Fund “Situs” from Luxembourg to Ireland and a few places in between: where to look?
Jim Maxson, Morris Manning and Martin (moderator) James Somerville, A&L Goodbody Jose Garcia, Carlisle Management

What's on now:
Gareth Mee, Senior Manager, European Actuarial Services Ernst & Young LLP
Auditors and the Love-Hate Relationship

Panel: Session 6 Transparency!
Anna M Bailey, ELSA Chair (moderator) Beat Hess AA Partners presents the Market Analysis Darwin Bayston, LISA Christian Seidl, BVZL

Peter Bradley, Stephenson Harwood & Harvey Knight of Whithers
Regulation and its outcomes - an update

Prof. Narayan Naik, London Business School
Potential social contribution of life settlements

Completion of Summit

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