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Social Work visioning event - Lancaster University
29 Mar 2012

There are many changes currently facing the social work profession. Whilst undoubtedly the current economic climate and cuts to funding present significant challenges, the recommendations that have come from the Reform Board, The Munro Review of Child Protection and the establishment of The College of Social Work all offer new opportunities to build the profession together.

At Lancaster University they see this as a chance to think carefully about the future of social work learning in the region and reshape how the university can best contribute to building a strong and vibrant social work profession.

This consultation and visioning day sought the views of users and carers, practitioners at all levels and a range of settings, students and employers; to help shape the future of social work learning in the region and also to clarify Lancaster University’s role.

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Introduction and overview Corinne May-Chahal
University of Lancaster

What's on now:
Claire Mason
University of Lancaster

Shared Visioning
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